Animal Rescue: A new life on the Farm

While Penfield Farm is not a rescue sanctuary, our hearts have trouble turning away those in need, when we know we are able to help change the lives of abused, neglected or hurt animals. We utilize our resources to provide adequate and clean housing, emergency medical attention, and lots of love to bring these animals back to health. 

Each animal we have taken in has its own unique story which typically started with lots of pain and mistrust. With a gentle hand, we have been able to aid in remarkable recoveries where the animal has a restored quality of life and is able to live out its days on our sunny hillside. 

Over the years, Penfield Farm has become a forever home to numerous horses, donkeys, lamas, and emus...just to name a few! 

Enzo's Story

Our good friend named Hope, stumbled across Enzo the donkey living in very poor conditions and bad health. She grew very fond of the little guy and new she needed to help. Click the link below to read her blog post regarding their friendship and rescue process.